Submitted on 29 Mar 2015
Dear Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Though it's disappointing and hard to accept that you're not here anymore, but I'm sure it's an infinity amount of times even harder for you to build up Singapore! From the small red dot that no one will find it significant to a prosperous nation where every S'porean is truely proud of, you've been a true hero and inspiration to all the people and leaders both locally and globally. No words can really express the million thanks that I have for your precious sacrifice, determination and fighting spirit all these decades for S'pore, especially through the tough era. Because of your presence, all Singaporeans can see a brighter future ahead. You've really made a great influence in making this country a better place and a clean& safe environment to live in where every S'porean is proud to call their homeland. Without you and the legacy that you left behind, the young generations, including myself, won't be what we're right now. Rest assured that we'll treasure this legacy and you'll always be remembered as our dear heavenly father in the hearts of myself, and all future S'pore generations. May God bless you in heaven and rest in peace too. With true love, Bryan Pg Wei Jun, a touched S'porean