Submitted on 29 Mar 2015
A group of us wrote a get-well card. My husband and I placed it amongst the many cards laid out at SGH on 22 Mar. We wished for you to get well enough to celebrate August 9 SG50 NDP. The next day, we were saddened to hear that our father of Singapore is no more. I wish I could paint or write a poem or compose a song and sing it beautifully to pay you a tribute. I really want to thank you, Mr Lee, for giving me the opportunity to follow the rainbow in Singapore 33 years ago. I was given a job right after my graduation from overseas by the statuary board of Singapore, assigned to the Housing and Development Board. Today I have a family and a wonderful community of friends. I now call Singapore home - a dream I have had since visiting Singapore when I was 12 years old. The last few days jolted many memories of those working years; the computerisation of the public services for the government sectors. You set the pace for the modernisation of Singapore. In less than a decade many public services had a total face-lift. Computer systems evolved from punch-card machines to self-service ATMs. We had a very meaningful and satisfying working life. Tough but rewarding. I treasure all the skills I have acquired and the things I have experienced working under your government. The past 7 days brought me to realise that all those best practices we have honed in the civil service were cascaded down through your strict discipline. We were shown your impact in the nation and beyond. I cannot help but stand in awe of your visionary gifting, the determination and grit you showed in ensuring the fulfilment of the vision. You were the chosen man for founding Singapore. Thank You Mr Lee for giving your life to build this beautiful home of Singapore. You lived simply so many can simply live. Indeed you lived out this truth that unless a kernel of wheat is planted in the soil and dies, it remains alone. But its death will produce many new kernels--a plentiful harvest of new lives. Mr Lee, may your soul rest forever in peace.